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Effective Tools for Early intervention


To remove barriers to access for therapeutic support for Children and Young People and revolutionise the delivery of Creative Therapeutic Practice training and intervention for practitioners.


We believe that no child should have to wait for support.


Founded in 2021, The Centre for Creative Therapeutic Practice (TCCTP) was launched to facilitate access to timely and effective support for the surge in numbers of children and young people experiencing mental and emotional health issues.

​With more than 30 years of experience as Art Psychotherapists, Supervisors and Educators, we have witnessed how effective Creative Therapy is in supporting children’s physical, emotional and social development.

This has been integral to shaping our aspirational mission which is to minimise barriers to accessing support and revolutionise the thinking about how we deliver Creative Therapeutic Practice training and intervention to the children and young people's workforce.

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At the Centre for Creative Therapeutic Practice, we pride ourselves in creating a forward-thinking learning culture where we model and share Creative Therapeutic Practice in a stimulating learning environment that aims to unlock the full potential of our participants and build on their experience and expertise.


We support participants to feel relaxed and secure which helps them to develop their creative engagement skills and get the most out of their learning to confidently apply the tools to their practice with children and young people. 

Our courses ensure that participants acquire new skills in creative engagement that enhances their practice and empowers them both professionally and personally.

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Our range of Specialist CPD, Endorsed Courses and Tailor Made Programmes is designed to upskill and empower and to ensure that the current children's workforce is better equipped to support children confidently and effectively in their existing settings through Creative Therapeutic Practice.

Creative Therapeutic Practice is informed by the learning from   arts-based therapies that use creative processes to support children and young people in exploring and addressing emotional, psychological, and social challenges, providing a non-verbal, sensory, developmentally appropriate and symbolic way to explore and process emotions.


We offer high quality and accessible courses where practical tools in Creative Therapeutic Practice can readily be applied to every day practice to offer timely support for children and young people's emotional and mental wellbeing. 


Collared Dove with egg shell in flight

Our courses are designed for professionals who want to further develop skills in creative therapeutic practice to support children and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.


This may be teachers, SENCOs, learning support assistants, social workers, social work assistants, residential care workers, foster carers, counsellors,  or arts therapists, etc, who may already be using art within their interventions and would benefit from a specialist training.

By building on the extensive expertise in the children and young people's workforce, TCCTP envisions a future where children and young people can readily access the support they need for their mental and emotional well-being. 

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Creative Therapeutic Practitioner

"Mary Rose Brady and Dr Patricia Watts are exceptional practitioners who brim with an infectious passion for helping C&YP through therapeutic art.


At TCCTP, they are forging a dynamic and cutting-edge approach to addressing the mental health crisis affecting our C&YP by making the world of therapeutic art both safe and accessible to professionals who are already on the ground and want to make a difference now. 


They are practical, approachable, compassionate and kind. I highly recommend their courses". 

Art Therapist

"Thank you Patricia and Mary Rose for supporting me through the process of regaining my HCPC registration following a return to practice after some time out. 
You both made the process less daunting and helped me to brush up on my skills and confidence in preparation for returning to practice". 
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Principle Teacher,

Secondary School

"We were delighted to welcome TCCTP to our staff well being day in July 2023. We were keen to introduce Art Therapy to colleagues as a way to promote self care.  Mary Rose and Patricia worked closely with the school to create a workshop that was specifically tailored to the aims of the event. The workshop focussed on helping staff recognise the early signs of stress and develop strategies to support emotional regulation.  It was also a fun and engaging session. Staff feedback was overwhelmingly positive".




‘Art Therapy was fantastic, really helpful and enjoyable’


"I would highly recommend TCCTP workshops for any organisation who place a significant importance on making staff wellbeing a priority"


‘Art Therapy workshop was phenomenal‘.
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